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Pre Rinse Units
B-0133-B08 Easyinstall Pre-Rinse Unit With Jetspray Valve
B-0133-B08 Easyinstall Pre-Rinse Unit With Jetspray Valve 
T and S

  • 8" (203mm) center wall mounted faucet (002832-40) with "pop and lock" riser installation feature
  • B-0109-01 6" (152 mm) wall bracket 
  • 35-1/2" (902mm) high
  • B-0108 JeTSpray valve (1.48 gpm)
  • 15" (381mm) overhang
  • 8-1/4" (210mm) clearance
  • 1/2" NPT female eccentric flanged inlets (00AA)
  • 18" (457mm) riser model (000369-40)
  • B-0044-H flexible stainless steel hose
  • EPAct 2005 Compliant

Note: Installation Kit sold separately - B-0230-K (1 required)

B-0133-08 Series Pre-Rinse Unit Models
without B-0109-01 wall bracket
B-0133-B08 with B-0109-01 wall bracket

B-0133-08 Series Pre-Rinse Units with Add-On Faucets (-A_ _ Models)
 with 6" (152mm) add-on faucet
B-0133-A06-B08 with 6" (152mm) add-on faucet and wall bracket
B-0133-A08-08 with 8" (203mm) add-on faucet
B-0133-A08-B08 with 8" (203mm) add-on faucet and wall bracket
B-0133-A10-08 with 10" (254mm) add-on faucet
B-0133-A10-B08 with 10" (254mm) addd-on faucet and wall bracket
B-0133-A12-08 with 12" (305mm) add-on faucet
B-0133-A12-B08 with 12" (305mm) add-on faucet and wall bracket

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