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Stokes Appliance Parts 

Stokes Appliance Parts stocks an extensive range of parts for domestic appliances and commercial/industrial applications.

Product groups include:

  •     Elements (including Sintered Hotplates, Coiled and Under Glass);
  •     Oven,Grill and Dishwasher Elements;
  •     Element Accessories (including Sockets, Drip Pans, Trim Rings and Drip Pans);
  •     Thermostats and Controls (including Simmerstats and Switches);
  •     Grill Boilers;
  •     Water Heating (including Elements, Thermostats and Urns);
  •     Accessories (including Microtemps, Gaskets, Knobs, Hinges etc.);
  •     Switches and Indicators;
  •     Dryer Elements and Parts;
  •     Refrigeration (including Compressors, Thermostats, Fans, Motors etc.);
  •     Industrial Heating ( including Elements, air Heating, Infra-red etc.);
  •     Commercial Catering;
  •     Microwave and
  •     Gas Parts



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