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Fuseholders 5x20mm
Fuseholders 5x20mm 
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  • 5 x 20mm fuses
  • Finger and tool release
  • PC2 protection category
  • Solder and 2.8mm terminals
  • Proud and low profile bezels
  • Snap to panel and nut fixing




fuseholder standards

6.3A 250Vac (max fuse rating) T-55 to T+70 (ambient) Maximum dissipation wattage: 1.5W

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6.3A UL 94V2 UL file E92075 CSA file LR44770


RoHS Compliant


Number Release Panel Thickness Fixing
0332 Finger 0.8-4.5mm Nut
0333 Tool 0.8-4.5mm Nut
0340 Tool 0.8-2.0mm Snap-in
0341 Tool 0.8-4.5mm Nut
Terminal Options  
Code Size
T Solder
B 2.8x0.5
Panel Hole
Code Panel Cut Out
RA 14.0 dia + key way
RD 12.7 dia 'D'








Further Options

Terminal Cover

Product Code

Product Code: Terminal Option + Body & Cap + Panel Hole + Options e.g. TO332RA + further options. See datasheet for further information.



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