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Indicator Lights Neon LED
Indicator Lights Neon LED 
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  • Neon, LED, mains LED or filament lamp
  • Bezel sizes from 6.7 to 16.3mm diameter
  • Red, amber, green and clear lenses
  • Red, yellow, green, blue and white LEDs
  • Wide choice of styles



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UL file E63363


RoHS Compliant


Number Panel Hole Bezel Illumination Options
581AY 18.2/18.3x6.2/6.3mm 8.0 x 20.0mm Neon, filament lamp and LED
582AY 32.5/32.6x10.0/10.1mm 0.8-2.3mm Neon Filament and LED
195 13.0x6.5mm 8.5 x 14.6mm Neon, filament lamp and LED
196 13.0x6.5mm 8.5 x 14.6mm Neon, filament lamp and LED
234 9.27/9.50x4.75mm 4.3 x 11.0mm Neon, filament lamp and LED
233     Neon, filament and LED
H8580 AB See datasheet for details
H8630 FB See datasheet for details
R9 92B See datasheet for details
C430 A(*) / C6030 AL See datasheet for details
C0480 A(*) See datasheet for details
C7030 AH See datasheet for details


Further Options

Neon colors, filament lamp
Product Code

Product Code: Series Code + Model Code + Terminal Code + Voltage and Color e.g. NL581AYH2R. See datasheet for further information.








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