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Push Button Switches
900 Push Button Switches
900 Push Button Switches 
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  • Self wiping Contact
  • Slow make and break
  • Momentary action
  • Choice of switch circuits
  • Choice of actuators


in-house test

0.5A 250Vac T85


RoHS Compliant


Number Function Base Notes
916 SP ON-OFF Black Momentary ON
917 SP ON-ON Brown Momentary 1 side
918 SP ON-OFF White Momentary OFF
919 SP ON-ON Black Momentary 1 side
920 DP ON-OFF White Momentary ON


Terminal Options  
Code Size
T Solder
Panel Cut Out
Diameter Description
7.1 For L and S actuator
19.2 For V Actuator
Actuator Options
Code Description
S Small Actuator
L Large Actuator
V Vandal resistant IP66 Flat top Stainless Steel

Further Options

Options include: Finish and colors

Product Code

Product Code: Terminal Code + Function Code + Actuator Code + Actuator Color e.g. T916SB. See datasheet for further information.

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