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Toggle Switches
1700 & 1750 Toggle Switches
1700 & 1750 Toggle Switches 
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  • Nylon lever switches
  • Ratings up to 20A, 250V ac
  • Single and double pole
  • Wide choice of terminals
  • Choice of circuit options including 3 position
  • Flat & round lever profiles



16(4)A 250Vac T85

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UL 20A 250Vac Non Ind (Single pole)
UL 16A 250Vac Non Ind (Double pole)
UL CSA (2 pos type) 250Vac 1hp, 125Vac 1/2hp
UL CSA (3 pos type) 250Vac 1/2hp, 125Vac 1/4hp
CSA 16A 250Vac Non Ind
UL 85°C file E45221, CSA file LR10990
UL and CSA N/A on momentary types

in-house test

Inrush 36A to EN61058-1 & 20A 28Vdc


RoHS Compliant


Number Function Contact Notes
1700 ON-OFF Single Pole  
1710 ON-ON Single Pole  
1720 ON-OFF-ON Single Pole  
1721 ON-OFF-ON Single Pole Momentary 1 side
1722 ON-OFF-ON Single Pole Momentary 2 sides
1750 ON-OFF Double Pole  
1760 ON-ON Double Pole  
1770 ON-OFF-ON Double Pole  


Terminal Options  
Code Size
C 6.3x0.8mm
H 4.8x0.8mm
K 2.8x0.8mm
T Solder
Actuator options
Code Dimensions (level height)
H 16.4
R 13.8






Further Options

Options include: Neck seal M539. Cover M1080. Cover M331
Fixing Nuts: ON-OFF plate

Product Code

Product Code: Terminal Code + Function Code + Actuator Code + Body Code e.g. C1750HO. See datasheet for further information.

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