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Rocker Switches
8620 & 8670 Rocker Switches - 3 Positions
8620 & 8670 Rocker Switches - 3 Positions 
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  • 3 position miniature rocker switch
  • Ratings up to 15A 250Vac
  • Single and double pole
  • Centre off switching
  • Push on, solder and PCB terminals
  • Matching indicators
  • Bezel size: single 21 x 15, double 21 x 24



10(4)A 250Vac T90

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UL CSA 15A 277Vac (Single pole)
UL CSA 250Vac 1/2hp(Single pole)
UL CSA 125Vac 1/4hp(Single pole)
UL CSA 10A 277Vac (Double pole)
UL CSA 125/250Vac 1/2hp (Double pole)
UL CSA 277Vac 1/2hp (Single & Double pole)
UL 90°C, file E45221, CSA file LR10990

in-house test

10A 28Vdc


RoHS Compliant


Number Function Contact
8620 ON-OFF-ON Single Pole
8670 ON-OFF-ON Double Pole


Terminal Options  
Code Size
H 4.8x0.8mm
T Solder
Body Options
Code Notes
B Available in single or double pole
Rocker Options
Code Profile
V Curved

Further Options

Options include: Finish, colors, Legend Printing and Protective Cover.

Product Code

Product Code: Terminal Code + Function Code + Rocker Code + Body Code + Body Color + Rocker Color + Legend & Options e.g. H8620VBBB141W . See datasheet for further information.

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